And the same in english again, it is against hate crime in every direction…

Veröffentlicht: 27. Februar 2017 in Allgemeines


I was recently attracted to something and would like to share it, I am a fan of the series about the gay vampires and magical beings that Hagen Ulrich has summarized in a wonderful story, but Hagen Ulrich writes not only Fantasybooks, but also operates The Literary and Satire Portal Federal Office of Magical Entities, a fictitious authority for the administration of witches, dragons and vampires. Sometimes, through the „office“, he also tackles serious issues such as the hatred of religious and right-wing circles on queer people.

To this end, he and his partner commissioned the Viennese illustrator SlippedDee to develop a gay fantasymotiv for a facade of the Privathaus where the „office“ is based, which is to be applied in June on the first anniversary of the assassination attempt of Orlando by a specialist friar . The picture is also to remind the victims of the assassination attempt of Orlando.

A crowdfunding was started, because the two, who also had two gay refugees from Iraq in their house, are of the opinion that hate should be opposed to right and religious hateters from the middle of society. The two hope that as many supporters as possible will participate, in order to show that there should be no place for a policy of exclusion, hatred and abduction in Germany.


More Informations and the Design of the Motive on these Links:


Of course, I would not deny that I also count among the previous donors and that I have a favorite, here would be the previous draft of my personal, favored design.


And some Informations how to finde the office 😉


Bundesamt für magische Wesen

Estermannstraße 139

53117 Bonn

0228 96757883

Mo – Fr von 9 – 12 und 15 – 18 Uhr
Sa von 9 – 14 Uhr


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